Choose Elliotts For Your Next Fundraiser

When you partner with Elliotts for your next fundraiser, you support a Montana business and offer a host of benefits to both your fundraising team and your customers.

We have more than 15 years of experience supporting non-profit groups throughout our state.

Superior Product Quality

We are a Montana family owned business with a dedicated staff that takes pride in bringing you original recipes for the freshest and highest quality product.

Personal Customer Service

Elliotts is there from start to finish. Not only does Elliotts manufacture their products, your Elliotts representative will be hands on with you from the start to the finish of your fundraising event making it successful and easy to run.

Benefits To Your Customers


Product Variety

Customers will enjoy the option to choose from Elliotts healthy products, sweet treats, breads and snacks to ensure that every taste bud is satisfied.


No Prep Work

Elliotts do the prep work for you so that you can enjoy your meal or treat at home with ease.



Not only will a customer be donating to a local fundraiser, they will also be buying local.


No Preservatives

Elliotts manufacture and package their products in Montana to guarantee the freshest products with no preservatives added.


Quality Over Time

The shelf or freezer life on all products is at least 6 months. Our dough can be repeatedly frozen and thawed without loosing quality, taste or texture.


Reusable Packaging

Elliotts products are packaged in reusable or recyclable containers. Cookie dough in plastic tubs that make perfect Tupperware, pasta and sauce mix in recyclable cardboard and snack mix in re-sealable pouches.


Free Recipes

Everyone can enjoy free recipes on Elliotts website that will make every purchase a fun one.

Benefits To Your Organization


Not Available Anywhere Else

Elliotts products are made in Montana and can not be purchased in any stores. This in turn will make your fundraiser more successful.


Dedicated Support

Your Elliotts representative will personally spend time helping you set up the fundraiser to reach your desired goals. By giving your customers the best Montana quality product your group will financially benefit from the size-able profit margins seen on the Profit Sheet PDF.


Sales Tools

We supply each of your Sellers a FREE packet containing a color brochure and order form for selling. The kit also contains a prize sheet to keep sellers motivated.



Order & Distribution Support

Elliotts will recheck all order forms and then tally your product sales. Our dedicated staff will then separate each sellers order individually so distribution is quick and easy.


Quality Freshness

Because of the freshness and quality of Elliotts products people will be excited about your next fundraiser.


Online Sales

Your organization will receive a mail order code that consumers can use to place orders on our website for themselves or as gifts. Your group will earn 10% of all these sales during your sales period.


Incentives for Sellers

We have two incentive programs to motivate and reward your Sellers for a job well done; a big profit generator for your organization. With our free product program, for every 15 items sold, we reward your Seller with a choice of one FREE Elliotts item. We also have a prize program with a variety of prizes awarded on the number of items sold. Each sellers’ packet will have a Prize Sheet, with pictures to keep them motivated and item amounts to keep them on track.


Only Order What You Sell

Your group only has to order what they have pre-sold and you have 20 days from delivery to make payment to Elliotts. This gives you more time to collect money and prevents having unsold product on hand.

Ready To Fundraise?

Make the most out of your next fundraiser by partnering with Elliotts of Montana.
Contact us directly or read our FAQ for more detail about our fundraising program. 

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