Admit it – you could eat a fresh-baked cookie any time of the day, but it may feel too indulgent to consume one as your breakfast, until now.

Introducing the Breakfast Hookie

Elliotts of Montana introduces the Hookie™ – a delicious, healthy breakfast cookie that’s nutritious enough to replace your morning bowl of oatmeal. Sweetened with apples and made with 100 percent whole grains, Hookies provide an energized start to the day. 

Our Hookies™ are incredibly moist and fluffy, made with oats, cinnamon chips, dried fruit, and local Wheat Montana flour. Hookies™ are available in two flavors, Cinnamon Chip and Cinnamon Raisin, best served warm, straight from the oven. They’re easy to take on the go for a hike, a walk to the park, or in the car on the way to school. 

Healthy and Wholesome

Elliotts of Montana believes it’s important for schools to serve students fresh foods that are made from scratch here locally in Montana. With young children and grandchildren of their own, owners Rita and Lyndee Elliott set out to create breakfast cookies and snack cookies for schools that would meet the strict federal government requirements while using local, wholesome ingredients. Elliotts’ Breakfast Hookies™ and Whole Wheat Smart Snacks cookies provide schools with a fresh-from-the-oven alternative to pre-wrapped breakfast bars and cookies.

Kids love our Hookies™ because they’re a sweet (but not too sweet) treat that looks just like the dessert they love. It’s a breakfast kids can get excited about, giving them lasting energy in the morning to learn, play, and grow. They make a great afternoon snack as well! 


The Importance of Breakfast

We know that breakfast is important for everyone, but the long-term impacts are even greater for children. Kids who eat breakfast tend to be healthier overall, and are more likely to participate in physical activities, making the first meal of the day important for maintaining a healthy weight. Studies also show that kids who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school and have higher concentration levels. For parents, making sure your child has an adequate breakfast full of whole-grain carbohydrates is a no-brainer.

Elliotts of Montana makes it easy for schools to provide a nutritious breakfast to their students of all ages, with frozen, ready-to-bake cookie dough pucks that transform into delicious Hookies within 15 minutes of baking in the oven. School cafeterias can rest assured that our Hookies™ meet Federal Nutritional standards, rich in whole grains, and provides two daily creditable grains.

Beyond schools, Hookies also make great additions to hotel continental breakfast menus, snack offerings for outdoor guides, kids camps, and more. Hookies™ are an ideal breakfast or snack for any occasion, bringing bakeable happiness from our Montana kitchen to yours.

Delivery of our Hookies™ is available through US Foods and Quality Foods Distributing. Contact Elliotts of Montana today at for more information about how you can serve Hookies™ to your community and customers.


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