You know it well – that inner feeling of warmth and comfort you experience when you bite into a cookie that’s fresh from the oven. Maybe it reminds you of home, your grandma’s house, or your favorite holiday, but it always takes you back to a special place. Elliotts of Montana’s ready-to-bake cookie dough does just that, bringing bakable happiness to everyone who eats one of our delicious cookies. Elliotts’ delivers made-from-scratch cookie dough from our kitchen to your doorstep, school, or business, through our nonprofits fundraisers, website, and wholesale clients.

Here are five ways to share the happiness of a fresh-baked cookie with your family and friends:

Teach Your Kids to Bake

Kids love rolling up their sleeves and trying new things. Enjoy the basics of baking with our easy-to-bake cookie dough. Put on some fun aprons and preheat the oven. All you need for a fun-filled baking experience is a baking sheet and a cookie scoop. After placing balls of cookie dough on a baking sheet, the kids can set a timer and watch the dough bake into golden brown perfection. They’ll learn the satisfaction of working together toward something and reaping a sweet reward.

With nine flavors to choose from, you can get creative with how you bake them as well. Pat out a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough into a pan for baking bars, roll out the snickerdoodle and cut into fun shapes for the holidays, or place a scoop of ice cream between two cookies for an ice cream sandwich! Kids can be fun and innovative while learning to bake with Elliotts’ cookie dough. Let their imaginations run wild, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Bring Fresh-Baked Cookies to a Community Event

A plate of cookies will be eaten anywhere you take them, especially when they’re locally made from fresh, wholesome ingredients. Surprise the people you love by bringing a batch of cookies to your kids’ sporting event, a church potluck, to the office, or a family get-together. We believe that you don’t need an excuse to bake or eat cookies because they will put a smile on anyone’s face, anywhere, anytime. Elliotts of Montana cookie dough makes it easy to show that you care with ooey-gooey fresh-baked cookies.

Give the Gift of Cookie Dough

Our tubs of frozen cookie dough make delightful gifts for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or corporate events. Rather than sending a batch of cookies that have been sitting in a package for hours, give a gift that can be fresh-baked in their own oven, sending the comforting aroma of cookies throughout the home. You can even have them shipped directly to the giftee’s home without any hassle on your part. You’ll get bonus points for accurately picking and sending the person’s favorite flavor of cookie.


Serve them in your School, Store, or Business

Choosing Elliotts of Montana will show the people you serve that buying Montana-made is an important part of your business. We make it easy to serve our cookies, with pre-portioned cookie dough that redefines how delicious a wholesale cookie can be. Our high-quality cookie dough comes in a variety of classic flavors, bringing the homemade comfort and taste of just-baked cookies to your kitchen.  

Fundraise with Cookie Dough

Have a project that you need more funds to complete? Need more money to provide resources for your students? Our stress-free fundraisers allow you to reach your financial goals while sharing bakeable happiness with your friends and family. It’s easy to sell Elliotts of Montana products because they’re known around the state for their quality and deliciousness. With no added preservatives and naturally gluten-free options, you can feel good about promoting Elliotts’ products for your fundraiser.


Shop online now to share ready-to-bake cookie dough with your friends and family!  Contact Elliotts of Montana today to learn more about how you can bring homemade Montana flavors to your community.

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